My Opinion on Final vs. Non-Final Local Variables in Java

In my company we had a discussion about whether we should enforce the use of the final keyword for local variables in Java or not. In this blog post I would like to present my personal opinion on the subject.

Continuous Integration with Source Code Format Validation for Node.js Using jsfmt

Recently I started exploring Go and Node.js on different projects. Soon I found out that there are some things which I really like about Go, but are missing on Node.js, such as the gofmt tool. Gofmt is a tool that automatically formats Go source code. The nice thing about it is that endless discussions among your team members on how the source code should be formatted are more or less a thing of the past. So I started looking for similar tools for Node.js and I found jsfmt, which is beautifier/formatter for JS, but it can also validate JS code formatting. Great, exactly what I was looking for.

Hello World

My name is Nikolay and I work as a software developer at a start-up in Munich, Germany. I had the idea for a blog for a while, but I seems that I put the actual implementation off to another day for a long time. Today the time has come to make a change and now I present to you my first blog post :)