About Me

Hello, my name is Nikolay and I am software developer. This blog is the home to some of my thoughts and ideas, mainly related to software development. It is intended to be a useful reference resource for myself, since I am in favor of useful reminders, and I like to store only recent or important information in my brain.

Not sure why you’d want to know anything more about me, but here is the short story. After I finished university, I started off as a programmer in the world of finance, but eventually I found my way to a start-up in Munich, Germany, where I still work to this day.

Just think of me as a grumpy developer in his 30s working with all kinds of programming languages, but primarily with Java and interested in all kinds of software projects.

I suppose I’ve been in this game since about 2003 and I still have a large amount to learn.

I hope you find something useful in this blog, too.

Feel free to comment on my posts, I would gladly answer any question and I am always open for suggestions.

What does DevNG stands for, you might ask.

Well, some say it is Next Generation Development, and others that it is Developer Nikolay Georgiev… All we know is that the URL is devng.com.